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Our Fire-Free Future

Every year across Indonesia and Southeast Asia, land fires threaten the environment and communities. The Fire Free Alliance brings together corporations, communities and other stakeholders to support fire prevention and mitigation.

Who we are

The Fire Free Alliance (FFA) is a voluntary multi-stakeholder group comprising forestry and agriculture companies, NGOs and other concerned collaborators and partners, who are committed to resolving Indonesia’s persistent haze issue arising from forest and land fires.

How we are bringing
about change

Fire Prevention and Monitoring

  • Engaging with communities
  • Developing fire risk maps
  • Landscape monitoring beyond boundaries

Mechanical Site Preparation

  • Providing communities with land preparation alternatives to burning

Supporting Community Development

  • Supporting incoming generating activities that do not involve burning including sustainable agriculture, non-timber forest products, crafts, fish farming and waste management

Raising Awareness & Training

  • Raising awareness in villages of the impact of fire and haze and alternatives to burning through activities including school talks and movie screenings
  • Training community members to improve community firefighting capacity

No-burn-village Rewards

  • Rewarding villages that have no forest fires with project grants

Haze Monitoring

  • Monitoring haze levels and providing advice and assistance to communities impacted by haze events

Our stakeholders in the fight against forest and land fires

Forest and Agriculture Corporations

Companies involved in the agriculture, palm oil, pulp and paper sectors

Village Leaders and Communities

The people and communities living in areas affected by land and forest fires

Experts and Educators

Knowledgeable field experts drawn from across the public and private sectors


International and national government entities working to address climate change and transboundary haze issues

Civil Society

Non-governmental organisations involved in social issues and environmental

Observers and Supporters

The international community of concerned global citizens

Our Goals

Improving the effectiveness of fire-free programs implemented by members.

Developing field tested technical guidance that is publicly available

Increasing the uptake of the fire-free programs in the areas where members operate

Collaborating with multi-stakeholders to scale-up adoption of fire-free programs

Our Principles

Commit to fostering collaboration, information sharing and establishing synergies between all members

Maintain open and respectful communication among members

Place the health, livelihood and productivity of affected villages and communities at the center of every discussion, while protecting the environment from fire and haze

Create added value for villagers, communities and other stakeholders, by making the Fire Free Alliance ‘greater than the sum of all its parts’


APRIL Group established the Fire Free Village Program in 2015 to promote community fire prevention through education and capacity building.

Asian Agri launched its Fire Free Village Program in 2016. The company first introduced its zero-burning policy back in 1994.

IOI runs fire emergency training course and fire prevention and control simulations to help communities respond to the fires.

Musim Mas runs programs to prevent, monitor and manage fires.

Sime Darby extends its zero-burning policy to include communities in a 5km radius of the company’s estate boundaries.

Wilmar supplements fire monitoring with community education and awareness campaigns.

IDH helps identify communities that may benefit from engagement in free-free programs.

PM Haze works with villages in Indonesia to restore peatlands as parts of its efforts to address the fire and haze issue.

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